Services We Offer

Temporary Staffing

An efficient option when you require immediate supplemental staffing, in situations such as absences, temporary skill shortages, seasonal workloads, and special assignments.

Temp-to-Hire Staffing

Our temp-to-hire placement program provides you with a trial period to ensure an ideal fit between your company and the temporary employee. You have the option to hire them within a customized time-frame or simply allow Sedona to continue to process their payroll and benefits over the long term.

Career Placement/Direct Hire

We provide qualified candidates for direct placement at a reasonable professional fee. We partner as your personal human resources department and find you qualified candidates by screening and matching to your requirements. We can act as a facilitator in the hiring process for you by arranging interviews, sharing feedback and helping negotiate salaries.

Payrolling Services

Think you have found a potential match but are not 100% sure? Payroll them through Sedona. By partnering with us we can take care of the needed paperwork and payment while you focus on ensuring that your candidate is a good match for your team.

Testing & Screening

At Sedona Staffing we eliminate the “guesswork” associated with finding, screening, and hiring a qualified workforce. Our standard practice is that all of our applicants complete computerized skills testing to compare their capabilities to ensure that they match those skills required for the assignment. Sedona offers other helpful testing such as "Personality Profiles" to access their soft skills and gather insights to their character makeup. If you are in need of client specific testing, we can  accomodate your requests.


Instant Communication

Through automated calling systems and resources provided to us by our Sedona Compass solution, we are able to reach large numbers of candidates (that meet specific company criteria) quickly.