Getting you ready to move in the right direction.

Whether you are highly skilled with years of experience or this is your first job, you can trust our qualified recruiters to point you in the right direction. We have over 120 combined years of recruiting experience and over 25 years in the staffing industry. We are part of a nationally recognized network of staffing professional with over 34 branches nationwide and we are committed to finding you the right job with the right employer. Your success is our success and our service is free to applicants.

We will interview you to determine your skills and career goals. We may ask you to complete some computer testing to verify your skill levels. Computer training is available at no cost to you and may be recommended to Sedona Associates to help broaden your opportunities.

We have compiled this Interview Booklet to share with you our best tips on how to write and present your resume.

 Interview Booklet

Our career categories include: